Wintersleep - Gibson Les Paul Guitar

$10.00 CAD
Artist: Wintersleep

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Item Donated by: Wintersleep

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Les Paul Gibson guitar comes with hard shell case.

Note from Paul Murphy:
Hi this is one of my favourite guitars. I bought it at the tail end of Welcome to the Night Sky touring. Used it a lot on New Inheritors and for some stuff on Hello Hum.. it fell at some point but that was during the recording of New Inheritors (luckily on the same day we had a Luthier in... battle scars:) It plays well though it’s been a while since I’ve played it due to Covid.. Hope it finds a happy home 

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We stand firmly behind the Black Lives Matter movement and want to contribute and raise funds for the cause. We are doing a raffle with items donated from our artists or from our secret stash. 

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