Various Artists - "360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story" Deluxe Box Set

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For 125 years, Columbia Records has been one of the most important names in recorded sound, fostering the careers of influential jazz, blues, rock and pop acts such as Al Jolson, Bessie Smith, Frank Sinatra, Leonard Cohen, Barbra Streisand, Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Mariah Carey, Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce, and many more.

360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story is authored by Grammy- and Pulitzer prize-nominated historian Sean Wilentz, a professor of American history at Princeton University. The book tells the history of the label and its significance to technical and social change in the music industry, as well as a look at cultural and political changes in the world during that time, including the rise of mass commercial culture and the civil rights movement. The book features over 300 rare images from the Columbia Records archives and sidebar discussions of key artists and turning points. 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story provides a unique glimpse into Columbia Records' storied history and details its contributions to entertainment, from the invention of commercial marketing through to present day.

The special deluxe version also includes a book written by celebrated journalist Dave Marsh, entitled 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story: Legends and Legacy, highlighting his selection of the 263 most important songs in Columbia's history. Marsh has culled from Columbia's vaults a collection of songs and tracks of the greatest historical as well as musical significance, and his book offers his thoughts on each selection.

This is a special deluxe version featuring two hardcover books:
• 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story by Sean Wilentz
• 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story: Legends and Legacy by Dave Marsh
• USB key including all 263 tracks featured in the Dave Marsh book

All included in a large presentation box

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