Dream Nails - Dream Nails (Red LP) + Signed Zine

$25.00 CAD
Artist: Dream Nails
Release Date: August 28, 2020
Catalogue Number: Alcopop191X
Label: Alcopop! / Dine Alone Records

Bundle Details
• 12" Red Vinyl (North American Exclusive, Limited to 200)
• Signed Zine

1. Affirmations (Skit)
2. Jillian
3. Do You Want To Go To Work? (Skit)
4. Corporate Realness
5. Text Me Back (Chirpse Degree Burns)
6. Women And Non-Binary People To The Front (Skit)
7. Vagina Police
8. DIY
9. People Are Like Cities
10. Swimming Pool
11. This Is The Summer
12. Fighting Tips (Skit)
13. Payback
14. Kiss My Fist

Important Information: 
Vinyl colour is a rendering, final product may look different.

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