Yukon Blonde - Vindicator (LP+7") + Photo Prints

Artist: Yukon Blonde

Release Date: November 13, 2020
Catalogue Number: DAV289
UPC: 821826030220
Label: Dine Alone Records

Bundle Details
• 12" Black Vinyl, Including bonus "Get Precious" 7" Vinyl
• 5 - 8x12" Photos taken by Jeff Innes. 

"Vindicator" Tracklisting
1. It's What You Are
2. Fickle Feelings
4. You Were Mine
5. Play Along
6. In Love Again
7. Good Time
8. Fuck It
9. Your Heart's My Home
10. Big Black Cloud

"Get Precious" Tracklisting
1. Get Precious
2. Get Precious (Jay Why Remix)

Important Information: 
In an effort to reduce single use plastics this record will be shipped in a reusable polybag without shrink-wrapping.