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Say Anything - Oliver Appropriate (LP Bundle)

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Artist: Say Anything

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Release Date: January 25, 2019
Catalogue Number: DAV237
UPC: 821826023932
Label: Dine Alone Records

Bundle Details
• Oliver Appropriate 12" Splatter Vinyl (D2C Exclusive. Limited to 300)
 It's Chill 7" Flexi (Dine Alone Exclusive. Limited to 275)
• Ew Jersey 9x27" Felt Pennant from Oxford Pennant Co.
• Say Anything 8x5" 96pg Moleskine Volant Notebook
• Choice of 1 Oliver Appropriate T-Shirt
• 3pg album manifesto, written by Max Bemis. Letterpress printed by All Sorts Press

1. The Band Fuel
2. Daze
3. Pink Snot
4. Greased
5. Ew Jersey
6. Mouthbreather
7. When I'm Acid
8. Captive Audience
9. Your Father
10. Send You Off
11. Fired
12. It's A Process
13. The Hardest
14. Sediment

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