Moneen - Saying Something You Have Already Said Before (A Quiet Side Of Moneen) EP (CD)

$5.00 CAD
Artist: Moneen
Release Date: November 16, 2006

  1. Prepare Yourself.. The Worst Is Yet To Come
  2. This Is All Bigger Than Me (Acoustic)
  3. There Are A Million Reasons For Why This May Not Work... And Just One For Why It Will (Acoustic)
  4. The East Has Stolen What The West May Want (Acoustic)
  5. The Song I Swore To Never Sing (Acoustic)
  6. Don't Tell Locke What He Can't Do (Live at the Opera House)
  7. If Tragedy's Appealing Then Disaster's An Addition (Live at the Opera House)
  8. Are We Really Happy With Who We Are Right Now? (Live at the Opera House)
  9. This Is All Bigger Than Me (Live at the Opera House)