Rich Aucoin - United States (Swirl LP)

Artist: Rich Aucoin

Release Date: September 18, 2020
Catalogue Number: HVNV010
Label: Haven Sounds

Vinyl Details
• 12" Red, White & Blue Swirl Vinyl (Limited to 500)
• Standard LP Jacket
• Printed Inner Sleeve
• Includes instant download of Psychedelic Spring EP.

1. Kayfabe
2. How It Breaks
3. Red Rocks
4. Walls
5. Reset
6. This Is It
7. Civil
8. Trip
9. Blue Highways
10. Dopamine
11. Eulogy Of Regret
12. American Dream

Psychedelic Spring EP Tracklisting
1. Dopamine (Demo)
2. Eulogy Of Regret (Demo)
3. This Is It (Demo)
4. Trip (Demo)

Important Information: 
Vinyl colour is a rendering, final product may look different.

In an effort to reduce single use plastics this record will be shipped in a reusable polybag without shrink-wrapping.