Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles (LP+7" Bundle)

$45.00 CAD

Artist: Pkew Pkew Pkew

Release Date: March 1, 2019
Catalogue Number: DAV250
UPC: 821826026223
Label: Dine Alone Records

Bundle Details
Optimal Lifestyles 12" Black Vinyl
Passed Out 7" Black Vinyl (Limited to 500)
 Pkew Pkew Pkew T-Shirt
• Pkew x3 Embroidered Patch

Optimal Lifestyles 12" Tracklisting
1. Still Hanging Out After All These Years
2. I Don't Matter At All
3. Point Break
4. Drinking Days
5. 65 Nickles
6. The Polynesian
7. Skate 2
8. Passed Out
9. Not Getting Through To You
10. Mt. Alb
11. The Pit
12. Everything's The Same
13. I Wanna See A Wolf
14. Adult Party
15. Thirsty And Humble

Passed Out 7" Tracklisting
1. Passed Out
2. Beer Stick 'N' Ched (B-Side)
3. Acceptable Spectacle (B-Side)

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