Todd Graham - Bustin' Loose! (LP)

$20.00 CAD

Artist: Todd Graham

Type: 12" Black Vinyl

Release Date: July 19, 2019
Catalogue Number: CRV002
Label: Comedy Records


Vinyl Details
• Black Vinyl
• Standard LP Jacket

1. Introducing Todd Graham
2. Happy Garbage Day!
3. Poetic Injustice
4. Supermarket Bowling
5. A Few Shorter Jokes Which Might Be To Your Liking
6. Fairly Abrupt About Face
7. Cell Phone Joke
8. Low Expectations (Planetarily Speaking)
9. Plastic Bag Legacy
10. Possible Future Jokes
11. Hilter Record
12. Wife Jokes
13. Pornography That I Do Not Care For
14. Wife Jokes Pt. 2
15. Wife Jokes Pt. 3
16. Learning Braille By Ear
17. Just Say No To Weiner Dogs
18. Part Of The Aging Process
19. Found Jokes
20. Middle-aged White Guy Complaining About How Times Have Changed
21. Some Wrongheaded Ideas
22. Authorised Personnel
23. Think Of The Children
24. My Racist Appearance
25. Unethically Sourced Jokes
26. This Is An Allegory For Colonialism
27. The Sex Stuff
28. I'm Very Happy To Be Here Tonight
29. Quebec Sovereignty
30. Old World Problems
31. Musical Jokes
32. A Baby Infestation
33. Encraochment Of Bear Habitats
34. More Questions
35. My Parents Are Dead
36. Extroducing Todd Graham


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